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A Different Closet

An exploration into one of the last remaining closets, the world of cross-dressers; typically hetrosexual men who have no desire to be a woman, yet feel compelled to express their femine side.

Esto No Es Arté

Captured over a period of several years, "Esto No Es Arté" documents the state and evolution of Stencil Graffiti throughout South America.

Lost Sahara

In May 2011, The Sahara Hotel and Casino closed its doors for good. Over the years this Las Vegas icon has been remodeled beyond recognition. "Lost Sahara" goes behind the scenes as the legend is picked apart for scrap.

Abierto Las 24 Hs.

Urban walls are a virtual 24 hour art gallery...if you open your mind to it. From sticker art and graffiti to peeling paint and decaying advertising, "Abierto Las 24 Hs." searches for the unique in a sea of mundain.

Coming Soon: The Exhibitionists

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